Full Replacement Interiors

Looking to upgrade your old factory interior? Look no further. We can install your choice of Roadwire or Katzkin interior to take your vehicle’s look and feel to a whole new level.

Full replacements only, no factory repairs.

Brands We Believe In


Roadwire Automotive Leather Interiors

Family owned and operated since 1969, Roadwire is a company that manufactures OEM-styled leather-trimmed interiors and patented technology designed to enhance comfort and safety for the next generation of automobiles. They represent three generations of entrepreneurship in the automotive aftermarket, as the pioneers of automotive restyling: the first manufacturer of restoration interiors for classic cars, then the first American manufacturer to supply automakers with interior upgrades.

Website: http://roadwire.com/

Katzkin Automotive Leather Interiors

Katzkin’s unique designs and quality craftsmanship have transformed more than 2 million vehicles over the past 35 years. They have over 3,000 precision-engineered patterns for most vehicles on the road today, including yours, and are proud to be the only tested and authorized genuine leather interior supplier for the entire family of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Katzkin is also a trusted official leather supplier to Ford Motor Company, national resellers CarMax and Auto Nation, and specialty niche manufacturers like Roush and Shelby.

Website: https://katzkin.com/